We'll do the heavy lifting for you.

We work with you throughout the year to save you time and money, and help you make the right decisions for your business.  Our CPAs are financial experts so you don't have to be.


Full service accounting for a low monthly rate

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Need help managing your books, developing reporting or analyzing your financials?  We leverage the latest software to streamline your bookkeeping, while meeting with you regularly to help you make informed business decisions.

Tax Preparation

Proactive, year-round tax planning is the key to minimize your company's taxes and increase profits. Our CPAs save the average business thousands of dollars annually with our personalized approach.

Audit Defense

Our customers are less likely to be audited by the IRS and state agencies due to our expertise and proactive approach to managing taxes, that's why we include audit defense with our Accounting service.    


Strategic Advise and Support

At On Your Team, we encourage our customers to seek advice from our CPAs.  We value your relationship so much, we will never bill you for it.                                                                         

Business Incorporation

We can incorporate your business in all 50 states.  Our CPAs will work with you to determine the best state and type of corporate entity for your new company.  



Janine Giordano - JR's Tent Rentals, Ronkonkoma

Jr's Tent Rentals has been proudly 'keeping Long Island covered' for more than a decade.  As a family owned and operated party rental company, we know our success is based on the level of customer service we provide.  That is why when we look to other businesses for support, we choose to work with companies that deliver the same high-level of customer service we provide our customers with.

When we decided it was time to find a new accountant we met with On Your Team's Head of Accounting, Eddie Casanova and we knew immediately they were the right fit for us. For one low monthly price they take care of all of our bookkeeping, tax and accounting needs. Unlike other accountants, we meet regularly to review our books and plan for the future.  If we have questions, we can call at any time and won't get billed for it.

The best part, within the first 3 months we saved $5,000.

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