Alternative lending solutions.

Whether you're looking to expand, secure bridge financing or simply need working capital, we may have a solution for you.  We offer several loan products with a rapid evaluation process.


Top industries served include restaurants, retail, auto and medical.



Term Loans

Finance projects that have an immediate return on investment with short-term loans (up to 12 months) or fund larger projects that pay back over multiple years with long-term loans (up to 36 months).  Loans available up to $500,000 with annual interest rates as low as 9.99% for highly qualified customers.  

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Lines of Credit

A line of credit can help keep your business operating smoothly even when sales are slow or seasonal.  Credit lines available up to $100,000 with rates as low as 13.99% APR for highly qualified customers.


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Alternative lending solutions can be good for:

  • Updating, refreshing, or expanding physical locations
  • Inventory deals with a quick turnaround, seasonal inventory, or large-scale inventory purchases
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Seasonal hiring 
  • Equipment purchases
  • New product development

Alternative lending solutions may be good when:

  • Your business doesn’t meet the rigid credit criteria at the bank: Because many online lenders consider dozens of other metrics that demonstrate a healthy business, beyond just your personal credit score, they will often accept a lower personal credit score (provided other metrics demonstrate a healthy business).
  • You need to fill a short-term business need: As noted above, there are situations where a long-term loan will include a total dollar cost that is too high for the loan purpose. An online loan with a six- to 12-month term could be a better fit.
  • You need an answer regarding your application quickly: Online lenders are typically able to respond with an approval or a decline of your credit application within hours or days.
  • You need the capital quickly: There are times when opportunity costs are high enough that paying a premium for fast access to capital is worth the extra expense. For example, the opportunity to purchase quick-turnaround inventory at a steep discount, could justify paying a premium for the funds.

It is important to note, compared to traditional bank loans, alternative lending solutions do have higher interest rates / APRs.  These rates vary based on a number of factors, including creditworthiness, cash flow and payment history.

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